How to get the best payday loans online

Payday loans top ten offers you a free guide to getting you the  online and making sure you know what you are getting yourself into when taking out a payday loan against your name. There are many websites that will give you a loan with just your debit card or bank details online. On average there is a new company setting up shop online every week out to lend to you when you are in need of money, at a cost of course but that is where payday loans make there money, they charge very high APR and charge you for late payments when you cannot afford to pay them back.

Get the best payday loans online

If you do need to get yourself a loan then make sure to pay it back on time because it will just keep gathering APR until it is paid off, most cash loan companies will give you the option to defer your loan until the next month so always read the small print to see if this is an option before signing any loan agreement with them.

How do I get the best loan online

Anyone can get one, they have a very easy criteria to be eligible to receive a loan. You must Be over 18, own a credit or debit card and have a full-time or part-time job or have a provable income.

Can I get a loan the same day

Yes most providers offer same day payouts, It can cost more to be able to receive the money on the same day. So be sure to read the terms of service to see if it you will charged for this extra service.

Do payday loan companies charge high APR

Yes payday loan companies charge very high APR and will keep charging it until the loan is paid off fully. Remember if you miss your payment you will be charged with a late payment fee so remember to pay it back in full to stop any unpleasant charges hitting your account the next month.

I need a payday loan but have no debit card

Some loan companies do not need a debit card! but most will want to confirm your identity so they will ask you to provide two forms of identification and may need to confirm your employer for you to receive your payday loan.

If I have bad credit can I get a payday loan

Yes even if you have bad credit you can get one. If you can prove your income and have a debit or credit card then you are more than likely to be excepted for the loan you are applying for.

What identification ID do I need for a good payday loan

You will need a photo ID either passport, driving licence, student card, bank statement. Most companies will not ask for this information and use your bank details to confirm who you are.

Payday loan scams and keeping safe

Always apply with a well known reputable payday loan company and never give your details out to a website offering to find you the best payday loans. Brokers use this excuse to find you a website or company and charge you for the pleasure. Always find the company who pays you thus cutting out the middle man.

How to know you are getting the best payday loans available

  • Check with the local business bureau and see if they are registered with the necessary authorities.
  • Search the Internet with the word scam or fraud after the companies name and see if there are any complaints made about the company in question.
  • Read the agreement thoroughly to make sure there is no hidden charges or catches.
  • Make sure the payday loan agreement contract is in English and clear.
  • The due date should appear in the contract, as well as your options in case you are unable to repay in full on the due date, there should be a defer option also.

These are all essentual if you are going to get the best payday loans available to you.