No credit check payday loan

If you have bad credit or no credit history then getting a no credit check payday loan could be the best way to getting a cash loan. If your credit file has no lending history, CCJs, defaults or late payments then your rating might not be as high as other people. If you think your credit history has blemishes on then always make sure you check to see if they can be removed or marked as paid. Contact your credit file company online either Equafax or Experian to see a report.

What is a credit check
A credit check is when a company enquires to see if you have difficulties in paying back loans, credit, cards and any other financial service. Your credit file will report all your history in the last six years so if you have defaulted, missed payments or paid late then this will reflect your credit score.

No credit check payday loan
If you need a payday loan and have bad credit then applying for a no credit check payday loan will insure you get the money you need. You will have to prove your income, address and identity to be able to receive your loan.

Identification to be able to apply for a payday loan
Passport – drivers licence – identity card
Bank statement – bank card
Wage slips – proof of income
utility bill – council tax bill
National insurance card and number or social security number
If you need a no credit check payday loan then the chance are you will pay a higher APR due to the fact that you might have a bad history of lending. This will increase the APR because it is a high risk loan that might not be paid back.